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6/2/09 03:17 pm - atnpromo - Montana Promotion Talent Needed

Across the Nation Talent and Staffing are looking for some experienced and professional talent to add to our database in Montana. We have both model and costume character work occurring nationwide with popular and recognizable clientele and costume characters, that you know and love!

We would love to add you to our database!

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4/27/07 02:48 pm - snapbiscuit - It's coming!

Are you a fan of the Smashing Pumpkins? If so you should be aware that their first album since 2000 is to be released this July! I think it would be a blast if some hardcore pumpkin fans from around here got together for a celebration/gathering when it comes out. If you are a fan or you know someone who is, introduce yourself-and if there is any interest, I'll see about setting something up in July. Rock on!

4/15/07 10:52 pm - annaclaire - Another 'new to UM' post.

Hi everyone,

I will be attending UM in the fall, as a grad student in History. I've read through a bunch of the previous posts requesting info about the city, and they were pretty helpful to me.

Does anyone have any helpful info regarding apartment-hunting in Missoula from afar? I will probably not be able to make it to Missoula again before I actually move there, and I still need to line up a place to live. I plan to apply for housing in the apartments at the university, but I fully expect to be placed on a waiting list, and I have cats anyway, so it would not be the greatest arrangement for me. I am single, live alone (and want to keep it that way), have two cats, and would prefer a studio or one bedroom apt that allows cats. I do not plan to keep my car when I move, so I am open to biking or bussing around the city. I will be living off my TA stipend, so the cheaper the better.

What is the best way to find an apartment that suits my needs? Are landlords already signing leases for July/August, or will I need to wait for a bit?

Thanks for any information you can offer.

3/23/07 02:20 pm - gitanaverde - Cars

Hello all,

I applied to the U for Spring 2008. I live in NYC, and I take a train pretty much everywhere.

The last time I went to Missoula I drove around with my friend. Does anyone who doesn't drive get around pretty okay? I remember seeing one or two people waiting for the mountain line bus the last time I was there. I know they run every half hour, just wondering if they're reliable. My main thing would be just getting to the mall. Not that I'm much of a shop-a-holic. It's just that I'll probably transfer stores.

Or should I just look into finally taking driving classes?

Also, who's taking English classes and how much do you love them?

Thanks =)~

1/22/07 09:49 am - sixpenny_book

Hey everyone! I am currently a student at the University of Portland, but am looking to transfer. Has anyone had any experience transferring to UM? Also, I'm an English major--any insights to the English program there? Thanks in advance.

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12/7/06 07:57 pm - exwallfl0wer - Is anyone looking for a roommate?

My roommate has just informed me that she's looking to phase out renting to people. I am scouring ads and listings as we speak, but I thought I'd drop a line here and ask if anyone is looking for a roommate or knows of a place where someone like myself could move in after I get back to Missoula for the spring semester. I am a considerate, dependable, sociable and fun grad student with a well-behaved 9-month-old cat.

Thanks! Hope the end of the semester is treating everyone decently.

9/23/06 11:48 am - ardnaxela85 - LSATs

With the next round of LSAT tests quickly approaching, I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions as far as test prep. or even just study groups in the area? I'm not really sure what Missoula has to offer as far as this is concerned!


7/21/06 03:40 pm - exwallfl0wer - : )

Thanks so much for the kind words everyone...and I have to ask, solstice21, how on earth did you know to provide for the fact I'm a horrible navigator? :)

7/21/06 01:29 pm - youraxisonatilt

So who's ready to go back to school?

Wooooo, I so am.

Only a few more weeks, and I am counting down the days, cuz I'm sick of living at home. Jersey, whattt.

Anyway. I lived in Miller last year, which I found to be a pretty good dorm. I'm moving to the Lewis and Clark Apts for this year, and I've heard good things. Anyone else living there?

7/20/06 06:58 pm - tobiahawk - Physics

Sorry to ask you guys so many questions (your other responses were very helpful, by the way! Thanks a ton.), but I was wondering if anyone has taken General Physics (121) with Williams or Uchimoto or just in general. It's a degree requirement for me (biology/prepharmacy), and I figured that I might try to get it out of the way early on. Thanks.
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