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Another 'new to UM' post.

Hi everyone,

I will be attending UM in the fall, as a grad student in History. I've read through a bunch of the previous posts requesting info about the city, and they were pretty helpful to me.

Does anyone have any helpful info regarding apartment-hunting in Missoula from afar? I will probably not be able to make it to Missoula again before I actually move there, and I still need to line up a place to live. I plan to apply for housing in the apartments at the university, but I fully expect to be placed on a waiting list, and I have cats anyway, so it would not be the greatest arrangement for me. I am single, live alone (and want to keep it that way), have two cats, and would prefer a studio or one bedroom apt that allows cats. I do not plan to keep my car when I move, so I am open to biking or bussing around the city. I will be living off my TA stipend, so the cheaper the better.

What is the best way to find an apartment that suits my needs? Are landlords already signing leases for July/August, or will I need to wait for a bit?

Thanks for any information you can offer.
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