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7/20/06 03:32 pm - solstice21 - Around Town

This started as a reply to someone new to town. It got a little out of hand but I hope it's informative. Around MissoulaCollapse )

7/19/06 08:12 pm - exwallfl0wer - By way of introduction

Hello everyone...I am an incoming graduate student in theatre and I thought I might as well poke around on LJ a little bit.

I am traveling from New York State and will be landing on August 15th. Being in a scenic design concentration, I wanted to ask if there were any other people out there in the department, and also in particular where someone like me might go in Missoula for art, drafting, modeling, and other such supplies.

Seeing as I'm also without a car at the moment and will pretty much be flying in with a couple of suitcases and a kitten, I also wanted to ask where the best places (whether in terms of easy transport or just plain best!) would be for groceries, shopping, vets, basic staples of life and furniture, etc. I will be living close to the university and I know there is a mall on the bus route, but beyond that I've never set foot further west than DC and am not at all familiar with the city...so in brief, this will be quite an adventure.

As for me, I am an artistic soul and a conversationalist, among other things, and I am always up for making new acquaintances and friends. Thanks for reading...hopefully I'll be able to meet some of you once I've landed. :)

7/17/06 08:38 pm - tobiahawk - Internationl Relations or Ethics: Pursuit of Happiness?

I need to take either POSC 130E: International Relations with Eric H. Hines or PHIL 200E: Ethics: Pursuit of Happiness with Albert Borgmann to fulfil my Ethics GE. Anyone have any experience with these courses or professors (time commitment, ease, quality, etc.)?


7/14/06 05:06 pm - warrenh - living

Hey guys,

Just a quick question here. All I was wondering is, how hard it would be for a normal college student with good credit to get an apartment even though he owns a big dog? I'll probably be needing a place around the end of august if that helps any. Thanks!

6/2/06 03:42 am - poorwendy

Any words on the Theatre department? I see on the website that it's some sort of major that is swallowed by "Fine Arts," but yet, they offer BFA. Any advice/information is appreciated. My husband and I are completely excited by the prospect of UM!!

Speaking of him, his area is creative writing. If anyone has anything to say about that area, that would be awesome.

5/28/06 01:37 pm - magentawaters

hello there

My name's Emily and I'm a rising sophmore at the University of Pittsburgh who is originally from North Carolina. I'm thinking of transfering to the University of Montana for Fall '07 majoring in social work. I have a few questions that hopefully you guys can help me out with:

-How easy is it to establish Montana residency? I'm hoping to do this in order to ease costs for my senior year and during grad school.
-What's the public transportation situation in Missoula? How easy is it to get around without a car?
-How do costs for off-campus housing rate compared to on-campus housing?
-How easy is it to be vegetarian in Missoula?

Thanks a bunch!

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4/8/06 01:46 pm - tobiahawk - Questions from a propspective Griz!

I'm a HS senoir who's seriously considering UM. They have seemingly strong programs in Japanese and Pharmacy, and ot would be really cheap for me to go here. However, I have a couple of questions/concerns about UM for any input would be great.

1) How's the food on-campus? Dorms?
2) I don't drink, and I don't intend to college, it's just not my thing. Is there much to do on the weekends other than drink? Are Pantzer or Aber "party dorms?"
3) How's the school about getting internships/jobs for students, especially in the sciences.
4) How hard is it to maintain a 3.7+ GPA (though curves, cut throat students, etc.)?
5) Are the professors accessible, or do you hardly ever see them in favor of TA's?
6) Is there much to do on-campus with students organizations, etc.
7) What in general do you/dislike about the school? Would you go here again if you had the choice?


3/20/06 02:13 pm - fairydreams_

How long will it take for them to send me my financial aid packet? I sent it in February and I'm getting impatient because I want to register for next year and stuff. :P
BTW, do they have a minor for Physics?

1/26/06 01:15 pm - fairydreams_

Yo Grizzes
I'm a [female] student from Philadelphia, PA who got into Montana and is seriously considering coming there...but I've never been to Montana and would like to hear more about Missoula and the campus itself. And how is the Pre-Wildlife Biology program there? I want to become a Wildlife Biologist and Montana was one of the good schools recommended to me that had the program. Thanks in advance. Hopefully looking forward to go next year! :]

1/19/06 10:22 pm - q1


I'm not a student.

Or even a resident of Montana.

But this is the only community for montana I can find that has been updated within the past year.

My quest being, I'm thinking of moving to montana. But I wanna get a feel for the place, you know? Talk to some of the people who live there and what not.
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